The Evolution, Deterioration and re-imagination of Somali Politics

Dr Ibrahim Farah who is an expert and researcher as well as an academic based in the heart of the Horn for the last two decades is talking to us about The Evolution, Deterioration and re-imagination of Somali Politics.

Some of the questions asked in this interview are:
– How much politics did the average Somali use?

– How much influence did the Colonial politics influence the Somalis?

– How did the Islamist politics form in fighting the colonial powers?

– How did Jihad then become an ideology and a tool of politics?

– How much of the Egyptian political struggle known as Ikhwan al-Muslimin influence SYL and others?

– Was there a conflict that that was not addressed during the unification stage that lead to the Denise of the previous government?

– Who pushed for the unification, the southerners or the northerners?

– Is it fair to say that rushing out the Barre regime without due process and or viable replacement is what contributed to the longstanding civil war?

– How much of optimism should one have in regards to this new government knowing previous failed processes?

About Dr Ibrahim Farah:
Dr. Ibrahim Farah, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi’s Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS), is the founder of the Justice & Peace Network- Somalia (JPNetwork- Somalia) which is a global Somali civic movement aiming to constructively contribute to the search for justice and lasting peace in Somalia. Within the Network, he heads the National Research Academy (NRA) which is its research arm.

Dr. Farah has been engaged in Somali affairs for the past two decades through the delivery of aid, political analysis as well as academic and policy research. Dr. Farah is haltingly trying and pushing for the formation of a the first group of Somali thinkers in Somalia’s history and the formulation of a 50-year plus vision for the country. His areas of interest include foreign policy and conflict studies in Somalia and the east and Horn of Africa sub-region.

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