About Somali Studies

About Somali Studies

Somali Studies is the scholarly term for research concerning Somalis and Somalia. It consists of several disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, linguistics, historiography and archaeology. The field draws from old Somali chronicles and oral literature, in addition to written accounts and traditions about Somalis and Somalia from explorers and neighbouring regions in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

However this platform is not the popular academic platform known as Somali Studies International Association. It is an unique platform in the sense that it facilitates ownership and retelling of the Somali narrative.




  • To build bridges between the young generation and the older generations, present or otherwise.
  • To provide a platform to share resources and engage each other through poetry, book reviews, articles, videos and documentaries.
  • To have a archiving system for various resources such as Books, Thesis, Research reports, images, videos.
  • To set up projects designed for outreach programmes in educating the Somali youngsters about the ways of their people so as to have a firm identity in going forward.
  • To organise mini conferences, lectures in promoting the basic Somali values of peace, cooperation, harmony and hospitality.
  • To have a networking system which will have an affiliation process for organisations or membership for individuals, where we collaborate with organisations/individuals that are in line with our aims and objectives.
  • To enjoy mutual cooperation by highlighting activities and events all over the globe concerning Somali Studies. Students, universities, researchers, think tanks and policy writers can join our extensive nework of academics, writers, authors and or researchers.

For further questions please email us a: Info@Somali-Studies.com


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