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About Somali Studies

About Somali Studies Somali Studies is the scholarly term for research concerning Somalis and Somalia. It consists of several disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, linguistics, historiography and archaeology. The field draws from old Somali chronicles and oral literature, in addition to written accounts and traditions about Somalis and Somalia from explorers and neighbouring regions in…

Is Tribalism Still to be Blamed

Is Tribalism still to be blamed

Is Tribalism still to be blamed? Dr. Abdurahman M. Abdullahi (Baadiyow) In reading the article of Dr. Mohamud Yahye published on Hiiraan titled“Tribalism: the Cancer in Our Midst”, I was inspired to participate in this important debate. Simply because I felt that Dr. Yahye has limited his arguments in repeating the old rhetoric of blaming…

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